Marie-Josée Leduc grew up in Montréal, Canada. From the early age of 10, Marie-Josée has been fascinated with makeup. Using a blend of coloring crayons and her mother’s makeup, she began adding shapes and color onto famous people’s images, making this her very first makeup beginnings. “She couldn’t wait for her father to finish reading his newspapers so that she could redesign all the printed faces”.


Influenced by her mother’s artistic sensibilities ~ a trained classical pianist who would often bring her along to enjoy rehearsals of classical recitals, she fell in love with the colorful costumes, the extravagant wigs, and the over-the-top makeup looks.

Marie-Josée began working as a makeup artist whilst studying Fashion Design/Fashion Merchandising in Montréal. At age 16, designers would seek her creativity to create makeup looks for their upcoming fashion shows.


Known for her flawless dewy skin with an edge of color, Marie-Josée’s signature style has gained her considerable recognition in the industry. She understands the need to achieve perfect beauty, to be glamorous while celebrating radiant skin. It is not surprising that she added her own skincare line to the mix. She believes that healthy glowing skin is the first step toward achieving her signature look.

Her French skincare line, Odièle, is 100% natural, organic and cruelty-free. It’s the functional indulgence for a girl on the go - effortless, effective, and dripping luxury and in conjunction with her makeup, it creates a finished dewy look that lasts for hours without ever looking dull or dry.


An art, music, and nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and an animal activist, Marie-Josée’s friendly personality and witty sense of humor along with her exceptional talent are the key ingredients that will continue to bring her success in beauty, fashion, and life.