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Juan Antonio was born in Rochester, New York, but was raised in Miami, Florida. Eventually in 2007 he moved back to New York City to study Design and Communications with a minor in Fine Arts at one of New York City’s best art schools, Pratt. Now, a budding young adult in his 20’s, Juan began his journey into beauty as a fresh college graduate while working in NYC. However, in 2010, his passion and love for the arts would pave the way as he gravitated toward makeup artistry. He began to excel at his new found career choice as it felt the most natural, as if an extension of his painting skill set.


10 years after his transition into the world of beauty, Juan is more than competent and comfortable in his field. Through his work, he has been given the opportunity to work with celebrities, up-and-coming talents across all platforms. He is a true professional, with the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected as he handles whatever is thrown his way. Over his career Juan's work has been featured in the editorials of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Nylon Men’s, Refinery 29, and the list goes on.