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Tennessee native and international hair stylist, Joseph Chase, built a foundation early on that all people should be confident in the way they look and live. To him, life is an art displayed in large part by the styling of our hair, makeup, and clothing. He feels that we wake up every day as a blank canvas and it is our choice how we want to be painted. 
After gaining a post graduate degree in hair artistry from the Edge Design Center, Joseph then found himself studying under industry leaders Frank and Belinda Gambuzza and Brent Borreson. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist he spent years and continues to hone his craft. Joseph quickly became sought after in the Fashion and Entertainment industry due to his eye for detail. He likes to keep his work versatile which feeds the creative aspect. From actors to musicians or commercial to editorial, Chase works with it all. His growing clientele roster includes the likes of Emma Stone, Ashley Greene, Amber Heard, Heather Graham, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Isla Fischer. When interviewed on a piece about hair dressing as a job Chase summed it up in one sentence. "Hair is my life, not a job."