As co-founders of Concretestem, a production design and props styling company, the duo is quickly making waves and expanding their loyal base of clientele by putting their fresh perspective and keen aesthetic to work behind the scenes of the commercial, still and video stage.

Originally from the Midwest, the creativities burgeoning herein could not be contained. Two unique individuals trekked to Hollywood, both succeeding in creative pursuits by
working in front of the camera, modeling for print and commercial campaigns of nearly 100 clients. It was on these sets that the two collided and Concretestem was born. Not
content to just be a coupla’ pretty faces, Sam and Alexys set out to make a name for themselves in other creative arenas involving beautiful things and even more beautiful people.

Envisage raw, youth-gone-wild scenarios to shock and excite your clients and art directors. Ponder an impromptu house party, equipped with DIY backyard slip-n-slide and vintage-helmeted youth riding inner tubes, their faces exuberant whilst fireworks explode...

This team loves to create sets to accommodate graphic restrictions. Extreme horizontals? Yes please! Specialties include: Creating backstories for models to draw inspiration from. Spearheading fun activities to energize and loosen up on-set talent. Treasure hunting the perfect surface for your product shots. Conceptualizing mood boards to inspire and enhance the depth of your shoot. Concretestem conjures your dream vision into action.