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Ciara Maccaro




Ciara Macarro

Makeup artistry is one of the great unsung professions of our time. Essential to any media utilizing the human form, yet, at it’s best, it goes unnoticed. To picture any of one’s favorite films or photographs without makeup is to picture it without dimension; nevertheless, rarely do the majority of us associate the makeup artist with any of our favorite works.   


Although Los Angeles based makeup artist Ciara Maccaro may not be name on the general public’s lips, her reputation is being touted by producers, designers, photographers and filmmakers in America and abroad. Inspired less by other professionals in her field than by works of artists such as Eugene De Blaas and Malcolm Liepke, her approach is one of timelessness and putting effort into making the finished product seem effortless. 


Ciara executes such feats by taking the time to absorb and understand her client’s vision, by making her subjects feel confident and comfortable, and by applying a tireless work ethic that makes room for nothing less than complete satisfaction by those footing the bill. Such assertions may seem hyperbolic but industry talents such as Kelia Anne, Mayer Hawthorne, Elah Hale and James Mountford will call them understatements. 


The art of applying makeup is as old as humanity itself; it adds expression, adds emotion, it can make the medium seem more realistic or take the viewer into hyperreality. It is a subtle craft that requires finesse and one that is crucial in making the medium connect with it’s intended audience. For those wanting their work in the hands of someone who lives and breathes this ethos, Ciara Maccaro should be at the top of their call list. 

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