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As a dance student in college, Agostina became quite interested in makeup. She took a class on stage makeup and was fascinated by how her teacher transformed her face into the image of a butterfly. From this experience, Agostina understood that using makeup is a creative process. This opened up a whole realm of creative possibilities for her to consider; from that point on, she began to pay attention to fashion magazines and beauty articles, and she even sought out a more contemporary makeover for herself. Her interest in fashion and beauty only grew more, and soon she enrolled in Cosmetology school. 

Agostina hit it big when she got her first cover for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. It came about because she was already on a Harper’s Bazaar editorial shoot, and when both the editor and the photographer saw how talented she was, the job quickly expanded into several more pages of beauty and celebrity work and the cover soon followed. Within a week of the cover hitting the stands, her agency received calls from Vogue and Italian Vogue, and Agostina became the highly sought after artist that she is today. Agostina has worked with celebrities such as Nicolette Sheridan, Eva Longoria, and Elisha Cuthbert, and has also worked on advertising campaigns for Arden B., Cover Girl, Pantene, and Target.

The essence of Agostina derives from how she draws inspiration from everything: old magazines and movies, street fashion, contemporary magazines, architecture, art exhibits and design from all around the world. At any given moment, she is able to express the trends and forecasts that she perceives and her makeup is very reflective of these influences.