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Stephen Lewis is one of the premiere hairstylists working in the entertainment and beauty industry today. A seventeen year veteran in the industry, Lewis is known for his unique knowledge of contemporary hair care, specializing in the individual needs of his varied clients. His emphasis is always on beautiful, flawless, fresh looks. Lewis is known for fashioning new and unique hairstyles.

Lewis’ clients range from Patricia Clarkson, Jennifer Carpenter, and Diane Lane to Adam Brody, Ralph Fiennes, and Courtney Cox. In recent years, Lewis has collaborated with top photographers including Greg Gorman, Norma Jean Roy, Matthew Rolston, Isabelle Snyder, Anthony Mandler, Mark Liddell and numerous others. He has also worked on commercials for Clairol, Helene Curtis, and Pert Shampoo. 

Committed to the ideals of health and beauty, Lewis looks forward to every new and challenging canvas. Lewis likens hairstyling to a painting; he is often caught up in the inspiration of the moment. Lewis’ ability to be a team player and a creative listener, coupled with the passion and enthusiasm he brings to his work, is what keeps him at the top of his field.