Joseph Degbadjo is a fashion photographer born in Benin West Africa, and raised in France.

He was not surrounded immediately by photography and the fashion industry, and it wasn’t until his studies in tax law that he decide to practice shooting some of his university friends during school sessions. In doing so he found a love of this art. Without the help of any photographers Joseph become completely self taught. 


Not long after, Joseph received his first major commissions to shoot chef Alain Ducasse as well various shoots for GQ, Vogue Italia and Vogue Thailand.


He quickly established himself as one of fashion’s new photographers, and was sought out and adored by editors.

Renowned for his unique precision of his compositions and lightning, Joseph's photography has achieved recognition for the elegant and natural portrayal and the searching of the most natural way using materials to not affect the subject.

His work has appeared in prestigious editorials such as Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, American Vogue, Gq, and Elle. His work can also be seen in advertising campaigns for leading Brands such as Rolls Royce, Lacoste, and Dior.

Joseph recently had the honor to be commissioned by GQ Italia for the 20th year anniversary and closed the fashion season before starting the new year 2020.