During the past 4 years, Jesse and Pixie have been shooting campaigns and videos for brands all over the world, from the Maldives to the Bahamas, they feel lucky to both do life and work together.

Their work is known by many in the creative world as they possess a unique ability to tell a brand’s story through their photography, in a way that is both tasteful and racy. With this undeniable touch, they are able to push boundaries, create eye-catching and viral world campaign shoots and videos. They have shot for brands such as Westfield, Grace Loves Lace, Christian Paul, Bali Body, Billini, Zanerobe, UGG Australia, and many others.

Together, Jesse and Pixie stun their social media followers with their latest campaign photography work and harness not only one but two wildly successful Instagram accounts, @burnt_breakfast and @pixpop. Their personal websites showcase their latest campaign photography work while they also share candid sneak peeks into their lives and their abundant world travels through their Instagram.

Throughout the years, their work has graced the likes of magazines such as Vogue and Elle. To this day, fashion brands, companies, and hotels continue to pursue working with this dynamic couple. After spending years traveling and shooting around the world, they felt called to Los Angeles to pursue a new and exciting chapter to their photography work.