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Hailing from Dallas, Hair and Makeup Artist Hillary Fenton has established herself in Miami, NYC and now Chicago. Hillary's light-hearted, playful approach, coupled with an ability to put others at ease, is invaluable to an often-times stressful environment. She is that rare combination of cheerfulness and professionalism that delight all those around her. Inspired by old Hollywood films, modern art and everyday beauty, Hillary keeps her perspective fresh and new. She is constantly renovating, renewing and recycling. Her 10+ years of experience in the industry makes her a necessary addition to any project, due to her versatility, timely executions, and professional demeanor. Currently, Hillary works on both Dick Page and Pat McGrath's Fashion Week team in NYC and Paris. She is proud to be the MidWest Go-To-Gal for Celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Vince Vaughn, and R. Kelly.